Welcome to #DailyInsanity!

I never used to understand the power in sharing one’s personal story through a social media platform. Yet, this past year I have grown to realize how privileged we are to be so connected. It allows for this incredible ability to reach out to a network of people that share similar interests, passions and/or experiences. From there, we’re able to share insight and offer support to others ensuing similar journeys. In my own case, my interests and experiences accompany a certain sense of stigma – a narrow-minded view that has allowed society to label me. Why? Because I represent the number 1 of 1 in 5 of Canadians who suffer from a mental illness. 

In my case, it took me almost 10 years to accept the truth about my mental health. As I slowly open up about my mental illness, I am realizing just how important it is for everyone (regardless of their current mental health) to acknowledge their own well-being. If I have learned one thing this past year, it is how many of us choose to suffer in silence.

But that's what I hope to change! Daily Insanity is my story. It will feature the ups and the downs, with stories for others who may suffer from mental illness and for those trying to be a support system for their own loved ones.

Although I may constantly be faced with the challenges of living with a mental illness, one part of me that it will never effect, is my ability to listen. To everyone who comes across my story, please know that I am always here to lean on when you feel like life is getting a little too tough. 

So join me in creating a dialogue. Let's get vulnerable!

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